Individual Programs

For the preparation of a training program tailored to the needs of each client, knowledge and great experience are necessary. The program includes: cardio, strength and stretching workout, divided into weekly plan, specific number of sets and repetitions, dosed days off, methodological guidance and training techniques.


Diet Plans

Our fitness achievements are connected to a great extent with our diet. If you still don’t have a healthy and balanced diet plan, but you are training hard – don’t wonder why the results are coming so slow or are not happening at all. The preparation of a nutrition plan requires deep knowledge and practical experience. Each plan includes methodological guidance which food is good for our individual needs and goals, as well as a personally tailored weekly menu.


Personal Training

This is a complete fitness service of highest added value for the consumer. You hire me for your personal trainer and fitness consultant, I guide your training sessions, develop a personally tailored diet plan and advice you on your after work out recovery.  Each training session is individual. You can take advantage from: my personal involvement and participation in all your training sessions, monitoring of your results, an opportunity for free consultations on nutritional and fitness questions.